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Electrophoretic characterization of the nonspecific esterases of the mosquito, Culex tarsalis: conventional and isoelectric focused acrylamide gels.

1. The nonspecific esterases of the mosquito, Culex tarsalis, were examined through conventional and isoelectric focusing acrylamide gel electrophoresis. 2. Conventional acrylamide gel electrophoresis resolved five components. These were characterized as: three carboxylesterases, one acetylcholinesterase and one acetylesterase. 3. Isoelectric focusing resolved 18 components. These were characterized as: 14 carboxylesterases, two acetylcholinesterases, one acetylesterase and one arylesterase. 4. The reproducibility and reliability of isoelectric focusing is discussed and compared to conventional acrylamide gel electrophoresis for the examination of multi-component isozyme systems such as non-specific esterases.[1]


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