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Accumulation of phenols and catechols in isolated mouse hepatocytes in starvation or after pretreatment with acetone.

Conditions leading to the accumulation of unconjugated phenols and catechols were investigated in mouse livers. The formation of unconjugated hydroxylated products of added p-nitrophenol and aniline was investigated in isolated hepatocytes prepared from 48 hr fasted or fed mice or from fed mice after acetone pretreatment. 4-Nitrocatechol and p-aminophenol--the hydroxylated products of p-nitrophenol and aniline--were accumulated in cells prepared from fasting animals, while in cells prepared from fed mice these unconjugated derivatives were not detectable. The accumulation of 4-nitrocatechol and p-aminophenol was also shown in isolated hepatocytes prepared from acetone pretreated fed mice. Inhibition of glucuronidation by N6,O2-dibutyryl cAMP or by D-galactosamine increased the accumulation of 4-nitrocatechol upon addition of p-nitrophenol in cells prepared from fasted mice. Both 48 hr starvation and acetone pretreatment enhanced the activity of microsomal p-nitrophenol and aniline hydroxylase by 300% and 600%, respectively, whereas p-nitrophenol conjugation in isolated hepatocytes as well as in hepatocyte homogenates was decreased by about 80% after 48 hr starvation. Acetone pretreatment did not alter the rate of p-nitrophenol conjugation measured in liver homogenates. It is suggested that a shift from conjugation toward hydroxylation in starvation gives rise to the formation of hazardous metabolites.[1]


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