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Use of magnesium-ATP following liver ischemia.

The role of Mg in cardiomyopathies of different etiologies is well known; however, relatively little is known about the changes in hepatic Mg levels following ischemia to the liver. The available information indicates that tissue and mitochondrial Mg levels are altered following global hepatic ischemia and reflow and that such alterations may be responsible for the depressed cellular function during those conditions. Administration of MgCl2 alone following ischemia was ineffective in improving tissue and mitochondrial Mg levels and cellular functions. ATP administration alone following ischemia was also ineffective. However, administration of ATP complexed with MgCl2 increased tissue and mitochondrial Mg levels, tissue ATP stores and cellular functions and proved beneficial for the survival of animals. The potential mechanisms of the beneficial effects of ATP-MgCl2 are discussed. A multicenter clinical trial of ATP-MgCl2 in patients with various adverse circulatory conditions is being initiated in this country.[1]


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