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Platelet membrane glycoprotein changes during the preparation and storage of platelet concentrates.

Previous studies of platelet membrane glycoproteins during blood bank storage have reported conflicting results. This study assessed two major plasma membrane glycoproteins (GP Ib and GP IIb), an alpha-granule membrane protein (GMP-140), and the concentration of platelet membrane microparticles in cell-free plasma during routine hospital blood bank platelet storage. 125I-monoclonal antibody binding was used to measure membrane glycoproteins on the surface of intact platelets and to measure the concentration of membrane microparticles in cell-free plasma. Platelet concentrates were stored at room temperature in polyolefin bags for 7 days. In this blood bank, two types of rotators are routinely used for platelet concentrate storage: a 2-rpm circular tumbler rotator and a 6-rpm elliptical rotator. Different results were obtained with the rotators. With the tumbler rotator, there was no loss of platelets and antibody binding to GP Ib remained normal. With the elliptical rotator, one third of platelets were lost into clumps during storage, and a 50 percent decrease of antibody binding to GP Ib occurred in the remaining single platelets. There was no loss of antibody binding to GP IIb with either rotator. Antibody binding to GMP-140 increased equally in both rotators indicating that the remaining single platelets had secreted about 16 percent of their alpha-granule contents. The plasma concentration of platelet membrane microparticles was greater in the bags stored in the elliptical rotator. These results indicate that it is possible to maintain the normal concentration of platelet membrane glycoproteins Ib and IIb during 7 days of room-temperature blood bank storage.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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