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Titanium catheter tip for peritoneovenous shunts.

Early obstruction of the venous tubing is a frequent complication after peritoneovenous (PV) shunting for ascites in cirrhosis and results in a high incidence of shunt failure. A titanium catheter tip, developed because of this material's thromboresistance, was employed in 13 consecutive cirrhotic patients receiving a LeVeen shunt for intractable ascites. While the mean interval before shunt occlusion was 4 +/- 3 months in our previous studies, none of the patients in the present series had venous catheter occlusion during follow-up, which averaged 8 +/- 2 months. The use of titanium in the venous tubing of PV shunts may significantly prolong the patency and function of these devices.[1]


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