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Bacteriorhodopsin precursor is processed in two steps.

Besides the Coomassie-blue-stained band corresponding to mature bacterioopsin two additional bands of slightly higher apparent molecular masses were observed in purple membrane preparations from Halobacterium halobium by SDS-PAGE. The staining intensity within the triple band pattern varied with the age of the cell culture. For cells in the stationary growth phase the lower band, corresponding to mature bacterioopsin, is the predominant one. Immunodetection and site-specific proteolysis with papain identified the upper band as originating from the previously described precursor of bacterioopsin with its 13-amino-acid-long N-terminal presequence. Our results suggest that the intermediate band is due to a modified precursor of bacterioopsin with a truncated presequence of about eight amino acids. A two-step mechanism for the processing of pre-bacterioopsin to the mature protein in this archaebacterium is proposed.[1]


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