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Concentration of azlocillin in human chondral tissue.

The concentration of azlocillin was determined using high performance liquid chromatography in serum and chondral tissue after intravenous infusion of azlocillin (75 mg/kg body weight). In serum the levels of ten patients (2 to 27 years of age, body weight 12 to 69 kg) decreased from 478 (30 min post infusion) to 120 micrograms/ml (120 min). In contrast, the concentrations in chondral tissue ranged between 24 and 35 mg/g tissue at the corresponding times. Although the mean levels suggest a remarkable penetration of azlocillin into chondral tissue, the high individual differences observed in the tissue levels (2.1 to 138 micrograms/g tissue) require a higher dosage to ensure sufficient antimicrobial therapy in all patients.[1]


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