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Infusions, Intravenous

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  • Intravenous infusion of the p75TNF produced none of the hemodynamic changes seen after the infusion of TNF [36].
  • Intravenous infusion of gamma-MSH (0.2 pmol/min) for 30 min to PC2(-/-) mice after 1 week of HSD lowered MAP from hypertensive levels to normal; infusion of alpha-MSH at the same rate had no effect [37].
  • Concurrent with the injections, nine volunteers received a 3-hour continuous intravenous infusion of IL-1Ra [38].
  • After intravenous infusion, there was a tendency for the cells to engraft into the hippocampal region that was previously designated a "vascular niche." Migration assays suggested that preferential engraftment of RS-MSCs was in part explained by their expression of CXCR4 and CX3R1, the receptors for SDF-1 and fractalkine [39].
  • Because of this, the effects of single injections of GLP-1 are short-lasting, and for full demonstration of its antidiabetogenic effects, continuous intravenous infusion is required [40].

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