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Maintenance by glycyl-L-glutamine in vivo of molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase in the preganglionically denervated superior cervical ganglion of the cat.

The 24-hr intracarotid infusion of plasma-treated glycyl-L-glutamine (3 microM) produced significant enhancement of the monomeric G1 and tetrameric G4 forms of acetylcholinesterase of the cat superior cervical ganglion 48 hr after denervation, in comparison with denervated, noninfused controls. No significant effect of glycyl-L-glutamine could be demonstrated 4 or 6 days after denervation. These findings are consistent with the conclusion, drawn from a previous in vitro study, that glycyl-L-glutamine acts at a stage prior to the aggregation of the G1 form into higher polymers to maintain the acetylcholinesterase content of denervated ganglia. It is proposed that the dipeptide may regulate the transcription of the DNA for acetylcholinesterase to its corresponding mRNA.[1]


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