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Description of a murine model of experimental hepatic metastases.

A murine model of experimental hepatic metastases has been developed. The cecum is exteriorized through a midline incision, and 1.5 X 10(5) MCA-38 liver-derived (LD) tumor cells in 0.1 ml was injected into the ileocolic vein (ICV). Ninety-eight percent of injected mice developed hepatic foci. The operative mortality was 6.1%. Micrometastases could first be detected on day 11. Laparotomy of 21 days revealed the presence of a mean of 18 hepatic foci. Experimental hepatic metastases could be palpated 35 days following ICV injection. Mice bearing MCA-38 LD foci survived an average of 53.3 days. This model will be of use in the development of novel approaches for the treatment of hepatic metastasis.[1]


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