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Aging and urinary bladder carcinogenesis induced in rats by N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine.

The effect of age on induction of carcinogenesis by N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine [(BBN) CAS: 3817-11-6] in the urinary bladder epithelium was examined in 130 male and 130 female F344 rats. Rats of both sexes 6, 52, and 98 weeks old were given 0.025% BBN in their drinking water for 20 weeks. Then approximately half the rats were sacrificed, while the rest were maintained without further treatment for 10 weeks. Examination of the rats revealed an age-related increase in the induction of urinary bladder carcinoma, although the total intakes of BBN and urinary excretions of its proximate carcinogen were not age related. Rats treated with BBN at 98 weeks of age developed more squamous cell carcinomas and invasive carcinomas than the 2 younger groups. This study demonstrated an increased risk of urinary bladder carcinogenesis with age in animals.[1]


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