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Diffusion of fluoride through the rat enamel organ in vitro.

This study investigated the diffusion of fluoride through the enamel organ in vitro. The rat molar explants used were entirely in the secretory stage or predominantly in the maturation stage of enamel formation. The removal of the enamel organ or metabolic inhibition with iodoacetate caused significant increases in enamel fluoride uptake at both stages of enamel formation. Inhibition with dinitrophenol caused a significant increase only in the maturation phase. Uptake of fluoride in enamel was related to the fluoride concentration in the medium, except in the maturation stage explants, where increasing the medium fluoride concentration from 0.05 ppm to 0.08 ppm did not significantly increase fluoride uptake at any of the three observation times. The findings indicate that the enamel organ exists as a diffusion-limiting membrane to the movement of fluoride from the extracellular fluid compartment to the developing enamel.[1]


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