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The acid-stable proteinase inhibitor of human mucous secretions (HUSI-I, antileukoprotease). Complete amino acid sequence as revealed by protein and cDNA sequencing and structural homology to whey proteins and Red Sea turtle proteinase inhibitor.

The complete amino acid sequence of human antileukoprotease has been determined by direct sequencing of the inhibitory active protein isolated from seminal plasma (HUSI-I) and by sequence analysis of cDNA reverse-transcribed from mRNA prepared from cervical tissue. The inhibitor (Mr 11726) consists of 107 amino acid residues including 16 cysteines presumably forming disulfide bonds. The molecule comprises two consecutive domains which are homologous to each other, to the second domain of the basic protease inhibitor from Red Sea turtle (chelonianin) and to both domains of the whey proteins of rat and mouse. Both domains contain a pattern of cysteines known as the 'four-disulfide-core' that has also been found in wheat germ agglutinin and neurophysin.[1]


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