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Efficacy of flunixin meglumine for the treatment of endotoxin-induced bovine mastitis.

The clinical effect of flunixin meglumine administration was determined in cows with acute mastitis induced by intramammary administration of endotoxin. In 12 lactating cows, 10 micrograms of Escherichia coli 026:B6 endotoxin were administered via a teat cannula into the teat cistern of single randomly selected rear quarters. Cows were challenge exposed as pairs. One cow in each pair was administered parenteral flunixin meglumine (6 cows) and 1 cow per pair was administered saline solution (6 cows). Multiple doses (7) of 1.1 mg of flunixin meglumine/kg of body weight or saline solution were administered at 8-hour intervals beginning 2 hours after endotoxin. Cow and quarter clinical signs as well as milk somatic cell concentrations, bovine serum albumin, electrical conductivity, and milk production were determined before and for 14 days after endotoxin inoculation. Intramammary endotoxin produced signs characteristic of acute coliform mastitis. Quarter and systemic abnormalities occurred and milk production was reduced by approximately 50% at 12 hours after endotoxin. Flunixin meglumine therapy significantly (P less than or equal to 0.05) reduced rectal temperatures and quarter signs of inflammation and improved clinically graded depression when compared with these signs in saline solution-treated controls. Milk production and laboratory indicators of inflammation in milk were not significantly (P greater than 0.05) different for flunixin meglumine vs saline solution controls. The clinical response observed was consistent with the antipyretic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties of flunixin meglumine.[1]


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