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Pain relief after major abdominal surgery: a double-blind controlled comparison of sublingual buprenorphine, intramuscular buprenorphine, and intramuscular meperidine.

In a double-blind randomized study of three groups of 18 patients scheduled for major abdominal surgery the efficacy and side effects of sublingual buprenorphine were tested and compared to intramuscular meperidine and buprenorphine. Single doses of either 75 mg of meperidine, 0.4 mg of sublingual buprenorphine, or 0.3 mg of intramuscular buprenorphine were used. Patients given buprenorphine as sublingual tablets were significantly more conscious in the immediate postoperative period (Glasgow Coma Scale) than when given buprenorphine or meperidine intramuscularly. Median pain intensity differences (PID) showed equal pain relief, whereas the summarized pain intensity differences (SPID) were significantly higher in the intramuscular buprenorphine group compared to the meperidine group. Three cases of respiratory acidosis in the meperidine group required IPPV treatment, and one case in the intramuscular buprenorphine group required treatment. Sedation and nausea were the most common side effects in all three groups. We conclude that sublingual buprenorphine is useful for relief of postoperative pain and exhibited administrative advantages, when the patients were able to cooperate.[1]


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