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Proline biosynthesis by cell-free extracts of Escherichia coli and potential errors arising from the use of a bioradiological assay procedure.

1. The growth of Escherichia coli proline auxotrophs on medium containing L-proline (50 microgram/ml) induces catabolic enzymes. A bioradiological assay system for proline, using proB cells of E. coli, might give erroneous results owing to proline catabolism by the proline auxotrophs on which the assay depends. 2. Differential utilization of proline and 1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate by the proB cells for the synthesis of protein, and failure of the method to distinguish between these two possible products of the proline-biosynthetic enzymes, might also give rise to error. 3. The proline-dependent incorporation of [14C]phenylalanine into the protein of proline-starved proB auxotrophs was to some degree directly influenced by the presence of crude cell extract from E. coli, even though this was not supplied with substrate and cofactors, and could thus not itself synthesize proline. 4. The kinetics of proline biosynthesis by cell-free extracts were linear and biphasic, only the last phase being affected by the concentrations of substrate and extract. This phenomenon is not understood. 5. Proline biosynthesis is inhibited, not only by high concentrations of ATP, but also by aspartate, glycine, alanine and serine, aspartate having the greatest effect. 6. Attempts at complementation in vitro between extracts of proline auxotrophic mutants were not successful, suggesting the possibility that strain X680 (proA) and/or X278 ( proB) may be a double mutant. 7. The enzymes of proline biosyntehsis are co-eluted from a column of Bio-Gel A1.5M in a position corresponding to a mol.wt. of 350000. 8. Comparisons between rates of proline biosynthesis in vivo and in vitro were made.[1]


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