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Antibody responses to hemodialysis-related antigens in chronic hemodialysis patients.

Allergic-type reactions during hemodialysis are sometimes due to sensitization to ethylene oxide. To examine the possibility that additional antigens might be a basis for unexplained reactions, antibodies to formaldehyde and phthalate-related antigens and to dialyzer extracts were measured. Unselected sera from 113 chronic hemodialysis patients (CHP) and 200 control subjects were tested for IgG antibodies to formaldehyde-treated human serum albumin (HSA). The IgG antibody activity was confirmed in sera of five CHP who had used formaldehyde-treated dialyzers. These antibodies also reacted with formaldehyde-treated red blood cells. Sera from 71 CHP and 80 controls were tested for IgE antibodies to diethylphthalate-treated HSA; antibody was detected in two CHP sera. With extracts from hollow-fiber dialyzers, IgG antibody was detected in approximately 1/3 and IgM antibodies in approximately 1/2 of CHP sera. This antibody was found in comparable numbers of control sera. It was concluded that these additional substances are immunogenic and could be involved in allergic-type reactions.[1]


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