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Metoprolol with and without chlorthalidone in hypertension.

After a control period on a placebo, 45 patients with mild to moderate hypertension were treated with metoprolol, 100 mg twice daily alone and in free combination with chlorthalidone 50 mg daily using a double-blind crossover technique. The beta-blocker alone induced a significant fall in blood pressure; the diastolic pressure was reduced to 100 mg Hg or less in 37 of the 45 patients and to 95 mm Hg or less in 19 patients. The addition of chlorthalidone enhanced the antihypertensive effect so that in 33 patients diastolic pressure fell to 95 mm Hg or less. The drugs were well tolerated even by a small number of patients with chronic bronchitis and diabetes mellitus. None of the patients developed cardiac failure. Adding a diuretic caused a small reduction in serum potassium concentrations, and the relevance of this observation is discussed.[1]


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