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Reduced haloperidol and haloperidol: effects on homovanillic acid in caudate and prefrontal cortex.

The effects of acute administration of reduced haloperidol (RHAL) on homovanillic acid (HVA) in the caudate and prefrontal cortex were examined in rats. Haloperidol (HAL) was used as a reference compound. Concentrations of HVA and HAL were measured by HPLC/ECD. The maximal HVA response time was 3 hr after the injection, in both caudate and prefrontal cortex, for both RHAL and HAL. The potency of RHAL in the elevations of HVA in the caudate and prefrontal cortex was only about one-third to one-fifth that of HAL. The concentrations of HAL in the prefrontal cortex and caudate after RHAL administration were just about one-third to one-fifth those after HAL administration. These results suggest that less antidopaminergic activity of RHAL in this neuroleptic test might be explained by the lesser conversion of RHAL to HAL.[1]


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