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Angiographic ablation of parathyroid adenomas: lessons from a 10-year experience.

Angiographic ablation of parathyroid adenomas with ionic contrast material was performed in 24 patients with persistent hyperparathyroidism who had undergone at least one prior unsuccessful surgical resection; 23 had mediastinal adenomas. The success rate was 83% at 1 month after ablation and 71% at both 5 and 9 years. Ablation was successful in 85% of the patients in whom the catheter could be wedged into the artery feeding the adenoma. Long-term success was achieved in 89% of the patients in whom contrast enhancement persisted in the adenoma on computed tomographic scans obtained 24 hours later. Acute complications were seen only in patients with glands supplied by the inferior or superior thyroid arteries. Long-term complications were limited to permanent hypocalcemia, present in 8% of patients. Even if unsuccessful for ablation, the procedure may provide localization and does not preclude surgical resection. It is recommended for most patients with persistent hyperparathyroidism and mediastinal adenomas, especially adenomas supplied by the internal thoracic artery.[1]


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