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Effects of divicine, one of its degradation products and hydrogen peroxide on normal and pre-treated rat erythrocytes.

The effects of divicine (DV), one of its degradation products ("blue DV"), and H2O2 on normal and pre-treated rat erythrocyte ( RBC) reduced glutathione (GSH) content, spontaneous hemolysis at different tonicity levels, optical absorption spectrum of the hemolysate, as well as on their morphology were investigated. The influence of experimental conditions (temperature, pre- and post-treatment incubation period, presence and absence of glucose in the medium, aerobic and anaerobic conditions and levels of DV and "blue DV") were also studied. Only DV caused a marked decrease in GSH, which is regenerated when the DV level is below 4mM, and in the absence of glucose the regenerating capacity is abolished. DV and "blue DV" not only failed to induce hemolysis but they actually increased the cells' resistance to it; especially "blue DV", which probably lacked GSH-depressing effect. DV caused changes in the absorption spectrum of the hemolysate and to some extent in that of a purified hemoglobin solution, whereas "blue DV" and H2O2 did not. DV also produced profound and long-lasting morphologic changes in the RBC.[1]


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