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Treatment of Dunning R3327-AT rat prostate tumors with photodynamic therapy in combination with misonidazole.

Fischer X Copenhagen rats bearing Dunning R3327-AT tumors were treated with hematoporphyrin derivative and red light (630 nm from an argon-driven dye laser) alone or in combination with the hypoxic cell radiosensitizer, misonidazole (MISO). In vitro studies had suggested that hypoxia might significantly decrease the cytotoxicity of photodynamic therapy (PDT) and labeling with [14C]MISO had revealed a significant fraction of viable hypoxic cells in this tumor. PDT alone resulted in a growth delay of 8.8 days but no tumor cures were observed. The administration of MISO (i.p. at 0.5 mg/g) 33 min prior to PDT resulted in an average growth delay of 15.2 days and tumor cures (local control at 33 days) in 20% of animals treated. If MISO at a similar dosage was administered 30 min after PDT an average growth delay of 16.3 days was measured and tumor cure was observed in 70% of the animals treated. These results suggest that the hypoxic cell fraction in R3327-AT tumors might be a limitation to their curability by PDT. The addition of MISO and/or other hypoxic cell cytotoxic agents to PDT procedures may provide an effective means of treating PDT-resistant hypoxic cells in solid tumors.[1]


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