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Effect of induced hypomagnesaemia on the toxicity of imidocarb in calves.

The hypothesis that the toxic effects of imidocarb mediated by reduced cholinesterase activity might be intensified by hypomagnesaemia was tested in calves. Hypomagnesaemia was induced in 12 males (50 kg) using an artificial milk based on a commercial nondairy coffee creamer. Although plasma magnesium levels reached 0.33 mmol litre-1 in two weeks no clinical signs were detected. In 12 control calves a daily magnesium supplement of 0.6 g was inadequate although the published requirement is 0.45 g; it was raised to 1.2 g to keep plasma magnesium normal. Lighter calves developed hypomagnesaemia more readily and fast-growing calves had lower plasma urea concentrations. Plasma calcium, but not plasma magnesium, showed significant positive correlation with plasma albumin. The only statistically significant effects of hypomagnesaemia were slight elevations of white cell count and plasma sodium. The hypomagnesaemic and normomagnesaemic calves were divided into two equal groups and treated with 3.3 mg kg-1 of imidocarb dipropionate or a placebo. The drug produced the expected clinical signs of mild toxicity and depression of cholinesterase but no other adverse effects. Transient slight depressions of plasma calcium and potassium concentration, a transient rise of plasma sodium and elevation of creatine kinase occurred. None of the effects of imidocarb treatment was intensified by hypomagnesaemia except, perhaps, constriction of the pupils; generally, hypomagnesaemic animals were affected less.[1]


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