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Variables affecting the killing of cultured human neuroblastoma cells with monoclonal antibody and complement.

To determine incubation conditions that result in optimal in vitro killing of human tumor cells with monoclonal antibody and complement, variables affecting the killing of cultured human neuroblastoma cells with monoclonal antibody 6-19 and baby rabbit complement were studied. Neuroblastoma target cells were stained with the fluorescent dye Hoechst 33342, which enables rapid, sensitive detection of surviving cells in conjunction with trypan blue exclusion. Maximal cell lysis was obtained at an antibody concentration of 5-10 micrograms/ml. Greater than 5 logs of cell kill were obtained with appropriate treatment conditions. No antigenic modulation was detected. Complement activity was found to be the factor which limited the extent of cell kill. Specific cell lysis increased with increasing concentration of complement. As the reaction with antibody coated cells proceeded, complement activity was depleted. This resulted in the greatest cell kill occurring during the first 10-20 min of treatment. Generation of factor(s) inhibitory to complement activity was also found. However, the effect of inhibition on limiting the extent of cell kill was much less significant than the effect of complement depletion. When compared to a single incubation of the same total duration, the reduction in complement activity with duration of incubation resulted in greater killing by multiple brief incubations with fresh complement. The depletion of complement was found to increase at a greater cell concentration. This resulted in greater proportional survival as neuroblastoma cell concentration increased. Depletion of complement activity by aggregated monoclonal antibody was found to decrease cytotoxicity. This evaluation may provide a framework for optimization of target cell destruction using complement and other monoclonal antibodies and target cells.[1]


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