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Antigenic Modulation

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Disease relevance of Antigenic Modulation


High impact information on Antigenic Modulation

  • The complement-dependent cytotoxicity test was used to study the possibility of antigenic modulation for these cell-surface antigens from the surface of the GRSL cells could be modulated by preincubation with anti-MuMTV serum, in contrast to H-2.8 and Thy 1.2 antigens [6].
  • These observations demonstrate that HUVE cells show distinct but overlapping patterns of antigenic modulation in response to three different lymphokines, and suggest that the "activation" of endothelial cells observed in situ may represent a complex integration of several lymphokine-mediated signals [7].
  • Because all of these modulate the receptor, these data indicate that the functional difference between monovalent and bivalent binding to CD3 is related to antibody valency and not to antigenic modulation [8].
  • In the present study, we examined the antigenic modulation of AChR by using patients' sera and cultures of human muscle cells [9].
  • We here examine the relative contribution of the anti-MIR antibody fraction (as well as of another fraction) to the antigenic modulation caused by MG patients' sera [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of Antigenic Modulation


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Gene context of Antigenic Modulation

  • The present study concerns the antibody-induced antigenic modulation of CD4, CD5, CD7, and 150-kDa antigens present on cells of the CCRF-CEM human T line [19].
  • Capping of sIg via antigen binding (i.e. antigenic modulation) constitutes the initial signal for B-cell activation [20].
  • Incubation of human leukemic cells expressing CALLA with specific monoclonal antibody (J5) at 37 degrees C causes rapid and selective internalization and degradation of this antigen (antigenic modulation) [21].
  • The assay has also been used to quantitate the changes in TL antigen expression on cells incubated in anti-TL antisera under conditions of antigenic modulation [22].
  • Antigenic modulation of INF-lymph obtained from HLA-A1+ individuals with HLA-A1 typing alloantisera eliminated subsequent lysis mediated by HLA-A1 alloantibodies and complement but not lysis with platelet absorbed antibodies included in the cluster associated with HLA-A1 [23].


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