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On the involvement of progesterone in sexually rewarded choice behavior of the female rat.

The present experiment was designed to investigate the role of Progesterone in the regulation of two aspects of the female's appetitive sexual behavior. Ovariectomized females were tested for partner preference using either a test in which sexual interaction was not possible ("sexual orientation") or a test which included the possibility of sexual interaction ("sexually rewarded choice behavior"). The females were either primed with OIL, Estradiol benzoate (EB) or with Testosterone propionate (TP). Additional groups of females which were primed with EB or TP were treated with Progesterone (P) four hours prior to testing. The results indicate that females which are either treated with EB or with TP, show a male-directed orientation, while OIL-treated females do not. Sexually rewarded choice behavior however, was not affected by hormonal treatment with EB or TP. Additional treatment with P did not further increase the female's male-directed sexual orientation. Sexually rewarded choices for males, in contrast, were drastically increased. EB + P- or TP + P-treated females also showed a significant increase in heterosexual interactions with males in the goal box. The present results support the hypothesis that P plays a role in the female's appetitive sexual behavior, only when the possibility for interaction with a male is present.[1]


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