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Sexual Behavior

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  • Parent-of-origin influences on social cognition in Turner syndrome might be due to the presence of imprinted genes on the X. Imprinting of X-linked genes has also been implicated in the male prevalence of autistic spectrum disorders, in male sexual orientation and in the developmental delay of XO mouse embryos [11].
  • Despite an appreciable placebo response, the higher testosterone dose resulted in further increases in scores for frequency of sexual activity and pleasure-orgasm in the Brief index of Sexual Functioning for Women (P=0.03 for both comparisons with placebo) [12].
  • Selective inhibition of pituitary-gonadal function with a long-acting agonist analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone may abolish the deviant sexual behavior by reducing testosterone secretion [6].
  • At each visit, we collected information about lifestyle and sexual behavior and obtained cervicovaginal-lavage samples for the detection of HPV DNA by polymerase chain reaction and Southern blot hybridization [13].
  • Our results corroborate the previously reported linkage between Xq28 and male homosexuality in selected kinships and suggest that this region contains a locus that influences individual variations in sexual orientation in men but not in women [14].

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