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Choice Behavior

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Psychiatry related information on Choice Behavior

  • Phonotaxis assays were conducted to measure three aspects of mate choice behavior before and after HCG administration; receptivity (response to a conspecific mate signal), permissiveness (response to a signal that is less attractive than conspecific signals) and discrimination (ability to discern signal differences) [1].
  • These results suggest that piracetam does not affect short-term memory but may facilitate choice behavior in aged animals [2].

High impact information on Choice Behavior

  • Given their more optimal pattern of choice behavior, Alert subjects gained significantly more money than Sleepy subjects; ethanol and caffeine combinations did not significantly affect money earned [3].
  • Effect of d-amphetamine, secobarbital, and marijuana on choice behavior: social versus nonsocial options [4].
  • Effects of naltrexone, and d-amphetamine, and their interaction on the stimulus control of choice behavior of rats [5].
  • On the Iowa Gambling Task, FH+ males, but not the females, were significantly more attentive to financial gains than other subgroups, and they had greater consistency in their choice behaviors [6].
  • In general, visual stimuli controlled choice behavior (left or right turn) to a greater extent than did the drug training stimuli, whereas the auditory stimuli exerted no apparent control over the pentobarbital stimulus in Group 4 [7].

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