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The reliability and validity of a ten-item measure of functional status.

The accurate assessment of functional status is an important clinical activity in family practice. Many of the measures of function developed for research purposes, however, have questionable applicability to primary care practices. The Duke-UNC Health Profile ( DUHP) is a 63-item instrument that assesses four dimensions of function: symptom experiences, physical function, social function, and emotional function. The reliability and validity of a ten-item subset (the mini-DUHP) of the DUHP was examined for 71 white adults with a profile of high stressful life changes and weak social supports. These subjects completed the DUHP on two occasions and provided personal morbidity data by monthly mailed questionnaire for an intervening six-month period. On both administrations of the instrument, mini-DUHP scores were strongly correlated with composite DUHP scores (r = .81 and .84) and moderately correlated with each of the four functional dimension scores. The mini-DUHP demonstrated good temporal stability (r = .58). Mini-DUHP scores, determined both before and after the six-month period, were correlated with cumulative self-reported hospital days, bed disability days, restricted activity days, and physician utilization. Responses to the mini-DUHP strongly predicted bed disability, restricted activity, and physician visits after controlling for the effects of sociodemographic characteristics by multivariate analysis. This ten-item scale may be useful and practical in the assessment and monitoring of function in a primary care setting.[1]


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