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Hearing loss in the developmentally handicapped: a comparison of three audiometric procedures.

Moderately (N:61) and profoundly (N:103) retarded or developmentally handicapped residents of a large institution were assessed using three audiometric procedures: behavioral observation audiometry (BOA, both speech and tonal), acoustic reflex measures (SPAR), and brain-stem auditory-evoked responses (BSAER) audiometry. The purpose was to compare the three methods to determine whether a battery of tests might provide a more accurate assessment of this "difficult to test" population. The investigation also looked at the relationship between hearing loss and level of retardation; there was no evidence of such a relationship in the residents of this institution. Results indicated that a battery of tests does help eliminate gaps in testing common to this group, and further that BSAER audiometry, an objective method not affected by behavior or development, may provide the most accurate means of assessing the hearing status of individuals who are profoundly developmentally handicapped.[1]


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