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Augmentation of hematoporphyrin uptake and in vitro-growth inhibition of L1210 leukemia cells by succinylacetone.

Succinylacetone (SA; 4,6-dioxoheptanoic acid), a specific inhibitor of delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydrase (ALAD) (the second enzyme of the heme biosynthetic pathway), was tested for its effect in L1210 cells from inbred DBA/2 mice. ALAD from broken L1210 cells was completely inhibited by 1 microM SA, but in whole cells activity was decreased only 83% after incubation of the cells with 2.5 mM SA for 3 days. When incubated with hematoporphyrin (HP), L1210 cells rapidly took up porphyrin from the medium, and this uptake could be augmented by pretreatment of the cells with SA; but this enhancement of porphyrin uptake occurred gradually over a period of days. When SA-treated and untreated L1210 cells were incubated with increasing concentrations of HP in the medium, SA-treated cells reached the saturation concentration of cellular porphyrin at lower medium HP concentrations than did untreated cells. Growth of L1210 cells could be inhibited by 2 mM SA or more. Addition of increasing amounts of serum to cultures of cells containing SA did not reverse the growth inhibition due to SA. Porphyrin uptake from HP in the medium in nonmalignant fibroblast line 3T3 was much lower than in L1210 cells and could not be enhanced by incubation of the cells with SA.[1]


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