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Lumbar myelography with iohexol and metrizamide. A comparative multicenter prospective study.

Diagnostic quality and adverse reactions associated with metrizamide and iohexol as contrast agents for lumbar myelography were compared in a prospective randomized double-blind study in 350 patients at seven centers. Both contrast media were administered in comparable volumes at a concentration of 180 mg I/ml. Overall quality of radiographic visualization was graded as "good" or "excellent" in 95% of 175 metrizamide studies and in 98% of 175 iohexol myelograms. Ninety-three patients examined with metrizamide (53%) and 130 patients studied with iohexol (74%) experienced no discomfort during or after myelography. The incidence of postmyelographic headache was 38% with metrizamide and 21% with iohexol. Nausea and vomiting were also more common with metrizamide. Five patients examined with metrizamide (3%) experienced transient confusion and disorientation after lumbar myelography. No such reactions were observed after iohexol myelography.[1]


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