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Transposition of an intron in yeast mitochondria requires a protein encoded by that intron.

The optional 1143 bp intron in the yeast mitochondrial 21S rRNA gene (omega +) is nearly quantitatively inserted in genetic crosses into 21S rRNA alleles that lack it (omega -). The intron contains an open reading frame that can encode a protein of 235 amino acids, but no function has been ascribed to this sequence. We previously found an in vivo double-strand break in omega - DNA at or close to the intron insertion site only in zygotes of omega + X omega - crosses that appears with the same kinetics as intron insertion. We now show that mutations in the intron open reading frame that would alter the translation product simultaneously inhibit nonreciprocal omega recombination and the in vivo double-strand break in omega - DNA. These results provide evidence that the open reading frame encodes a protein required for intron transposition and support the role of the double-strand break in the process.[1]


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