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Abasic sites from cytosine as termination signals for DNA synthesis.

DNA with abasic sites has been prepared by deamination of cytosine followed by treatment of the product with uracil N-glycosylase. Termination in vitro on such templates does not occur until treatment with uracil N-glycosylase. DNA terminated one base before abasic sites created from C's has been used as a template in "second stage" reactions. With enzymes devoid or deficient in 3' greater than 5' exonuclease activity purines, particularly adenine, are preferentially added opposite the putative abasic site. 2-Aminopurine behaves more like adenine than like guanine in these experiments. Polymerase beta preferentially incorporates A opposite abasic sites produced from T, and G opposite abasic sites produced from C. We have eliminated an obvious artefact (e.g. strand switching) which might account for this observation.[1]


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