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Assignment of catalytically essential cysteine residues in aspartase by selective chemical modification with N-(7-dimethylamino-4-methylcoumarynyl)maleimide.

N-(7-Dimethylamino-4-methylcoumarynyl)maleimide (DACM), a fluorescent reagent for sulfhydryl groups, was employed to determine the functionally essential cysteine residues in aspartase from Escherichia coli. Analysis of the tryptic peptides containing DACM-labeled residues by reverse phase HPLC revealed that Cys-140 and Cys-430 were selectively modified, among 11 residues whose loci were recently determined by a DNA sequencing study (Takagi, J.S., et al. (1985) Nucl. Acids Res. 13, 2063-2074). When the modification was carried out in the presence of Mg2+ and L-aspartate, the enzyme activity remained unchanged and no cysteine residue was modified. This suggests that two cysteine residues are located at the L-aspartate binding site and that at least one of them is involved in the catalytic reaction.[1]


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