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Molecular cloning of Lyt-2, a membrane glycoprotein marking a subset of mouse T lymphocytes: molecular homology to its human counterpart, Leu-2/T8, and to immunoglobulin variable regions.

The sequence of Lyt-2 cDNA shows that it is a new member of the immunoglobulin super gene family. Analysis of the predicted amino acid sequence indicates that the Lyt-2 polypeptide is synthesized with a 27-amino acid leader, and that the mature protein has an immunoglobulin variable region (Ig V)-related sequence of approximately 100 amino acids, an extracellular spacer of 43, a transmembrane region of 38, and an intracytoplasmic region of 27 amino acids. Lyt-2 and its human analogue Leu-2 are 56% homologous; analysis indicates that the Ig V-related domains of the two molecules have evolved away from each other faster than the carboxyl-terminal half of the proteins.[1]


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