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Extrahepatic extraction of salicylamide in dogs.

Extrahepatic conjugation may be an important mechanism for the metabolism of many phenolic compounds. We have observed dose-dependent sulfoconjugation of salicylamide (SAM) in the lung, kidney and forelimb of dogs during steady-state infusions. The lungs alone accounted for more than one-half the total elimination at the lowest infusion rate (0.3 microgram/min/kg). The limbs appeared to play an important secondary role in SAM elimination whereas the kidneys made only a minor contribution to total elimination. At the highest infusion rate (500 micrograms/min/kg), extrahepatic extraction approached zero and elimination by the three extrahepatic sites fell to less than 31% of total elimination. Dose-dependent elimination at the three extrahepatic sites was responsible for most of the dose dependence observed in these studies. Extrahepatic extraction was insensitive to plasma inorganic sulfate. Clearance significantly, but only slightly, increased on coinfusing sodium sulfate at a rate that increased plasma inorganic sulfate from one-sixth (after depletion by SAM infusion) to two times normal.[1]


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