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Chemical Compound Review

Amidosal     2-hydroxybenzamide

Synonyms: Dolomide, Panithal, Salamide, Saliamid, Saliamin, ...
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Disease relevance of Cetamide


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Chemical compound and disease context of Cetamide


Biological context of Cetamide


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Gene context of Cetamide

  • A photoaffinity probe, 2-(4-phosphopentamanniminophenyl)ethyl-(4-azido) salicylamide, was prepared for photolabelling of the mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor II receptor [26].
  • By analysis of the metabolic profile of RB, and by inhibition of glucuronidation (the main metabolic route) with salicylamide, we show in this paper that formation and secretion of RB-conjugates from liver into perfusate is not involved in the reappearance and redistribution phenomena [27].
  • The total solubility of salicylamide increased nonlinearly at lower antihistamine concentrations (less than 0.4 M), but reached limiting linearity (slope = 0.34 mol/mol of antihistamine) at higher concentrations (up to 0.8 M) [28].
  • Following diethyl ether extraction, 4NC and the assay internal standard (salicylamide) were separated by reversed-phase (C18) liquid chromatography [29].
  • Sulfatase and beta-glucuronidase treatment allowed the analysis of plasma sulfate and glucuronide conjugates as free salicylamide [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cetamide


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