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Chemical Compound Review

Sulphate     sulfate

Synonyms: Sulfate-35S, Sulphate Ion, Sulfate ion, Sulfate(2-), Sulfate ions, ...
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Disease relevance of sulfate


Psychiatry related information on sulfate

  • Letter: Possible importance of hyaluronic acid and dermatan sulfate ratios in mental retardation [5].
  • Electroconvulsive shock or frontal cortex stimulation administered to rats at 5 but not at 180 minutes after an initial administration of morphine sulfate disrupted the development of one-trial tolerance to the analgesic effects of morphine sulfate [6].
  • RESULTS: After controlling for age, height, smoking status, and BMI, alcohol consumption was positively associated with estrone sulfate concentrations (r = .17; P = .02); no statistically significant association was noted for the other plasma hormones measured [7].
  • These results provide the basis for future studies to determine the role of sulfation of peptides in humans and whether individual variations in tyrosylsulfotransferase activities correlate with individual differences in the degree of sulfate conjugation of peptides [8].
  • Use of the monoamine oxidase inhibitor phenelzine sulfate can eliminate REM sleep [9].

High impact information on sulfate


Chemical compound and disease context of sulfate


Biological context of sulfate


Anatomical context of sulfate


Associations of sulfate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of sulfate

  • Impaired transepithelial migration was accompanied by a lack of both shed syndecan-1, a heparan sulfate proteoglycan, and KC, a CXC chemokine, in the alveolar fluid [33].
  • The putative tumour suppressor EXT1 alters the expression of cell-surface heparan sulfate [34].
  • Like that of CCR5, antibody association with gp120 is dependent on sulfate moieties, enhanced by CD4, and inhibited by sulfated CCR5-derived peptides [35].
  • Here, we demonstrate that the unc-52 gene encodes a nematode homolog of perlecan, the mammalian basement membrane heparan sulfate proteoglycan [36].
  • These results indicate essential roles for cell-surface heparan sulfate in the repulsive activities of Slit2 [37].
  • NCAG1 also contains a putative chondroitin sulfate sulfotransferase domain and thus may be involved in dermatan sulfate biosynthesis [38].
  • We detected production of highly sulfated keratan sulfate by a two-step reaction in vitro with a mixture of beta3GnT7/beta4GalT4/CGn6ST followed by keratan sulfate galactose 6-O sulfotransferase treatment [39].
  • This study suggested the importance of root-specific and sulfur deficiency-inducible accumulation of SULTR1;1 and SULTR1;2 sulfate transporter proteins for the acquisition of sulfate from low-sulfur environment [40].
  • We hypothesize that interplay between SULTR1.1 and SULTR1.2 transporters could be an important mechanism to regulate sulfate content in the roots [41].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sulfate


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