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Effect of LTD4 on conjunctival vasopermeability and blood-aqueous barrier integrity.

The effect of leukotriene D4 (LTD4) on the microvascular permeability of selected ocular tissues of the guinea pig was evaluated quantitatively by utilizing 125I-albumin and 51Cr-erythrocytes. Topically applied LTD4 (1 ng-10 micrograms) produced a dose-related increase in conjunctival microvascular permeability. However, topical administration of such doses of LTD4 did not promote albumin leakage into the aqueous humor or iris-ciliary body. Intravitreal injection of graded doses of LTD4 also failed to increase the albumin content of the aqueous humor and iris-ciliary body. Thus, although LTD4 increased conjunctival microvascular permeability, it does not appear to disrupt the blood-aqueous barrier of the guinea pig eye.[1]


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