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Pancreatic stone protein. I. Evidence that it is encoded by a pancreatic messenger ribonucleic acid.

We have previously shown that the pancreatic stone protein ( PSP) is an inhibitor of calcium carbonate crystal growth and may participate in the stabilization of the normally supersaturated pancreatic juice. Our aim in this study was to determine if PSP is a normal secretory product of the human pancreas by determining if the normal human pancreas contains a messenger RNA coding for PSP. Human pancreatic messenger RNAs were used to direct protein synthesis in a cell-free translation system. Immunoprecipitation of translation products with a monospecific antibody directed against the PSP yielded a product migrating as a single homogeneous band on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels. This product has a molecular weight of 16,000, the value expected for pre- PSP. Products selected by immunoprecipitation with antitrypsin-1 antibodies also migrated as a single band, with a molecular weight of 27,000. It is concluded that a messenger RNA coding for pre- PSP, distinct from the messenger RNA coding for pretrypsinogen, is present in human pancreas. These results support the hypothesis that PSP is a molecular entity, and not a degradation product of trypsinogen 1 or another pancreatic protein.[1]


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