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The primary structure of rat liver cellular retinol-binding protein.

The complete amino acid sequence of a cellular retinol-binding protein (CRBP) has been determined for the first time. The primary structure of rat liver CRBP was elucidated by analyses of cyanogen bromide fragments and peptides obtained by tryptic and thermolytic digestions. The single polypeptide chain of rat CRBP consists of 134 amino acid residues. Under reducing conditions, CRBP exists as a monomer, but, in the absence of reducing agents, dimers and multimers of the protein emerge. This is explained by the observation that CRBP contains 3 cysteines, one of which seems to be highly reactive. Whether CRBP contains a disulfide bond is not yet established. The present data extend the previously described homology between CRBP and a family of low molecular weight proteins, all members of which may bind hydrophobic ligands. Since some of these proteins apparently display intracellular transport functions, a similar role for CRBP is envisaged.[1]


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