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Gene Review

Rbp1  -  retinol binding protein 1, cellular

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: CRBP, CRBP-I, Cellular retinol-binding protein, Cellular retinol-binding protein I, Rbp-1, ...
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Associations of Rbp1 with chemical compounds

  • Thus binding of retinol markedly reduced conformational flexibility in both CRBP I and CRBP II on the micro- to millisecond timescale [11].
  • Intraligand NOE cross-peaks were detected for the hydroxyl proton in the NOESY spectrum of CRBP I-bound retinol, but not for CRBP II-bound retinol, indicating that the conformational dynamics of retinol binding are different for these two proteins [11].
  • Finally, when retinol-deficient rats are fed retinyl acetate for 4 hr, about 4-fold accumulation of CRBP-specific mRNA is observed in the lungs [8].
  • The primary structure of rat liver CRBP was elucidated by analyses of cyanogen bromide fragments and peptides obtained by tryptic and thermolytic digestions [19].
  • Both polypeptides contain reactive thiol groups, but the rate of disruption of CRBP II-retinol complexes by p-chloromercuribenzoate is greater than that of CRBP-retinol [20].

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