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Sicca syndrome in mesangial IgA glomerulonephritis.

Schirmer-test, history of conjunctivitis, salivary gland scintigraphy and SSA/SSB (Ro/La) antibodies were evaluated in 24 patients with mesangial IgA glomerulonephritis (IgA-GN), 58 patients with non-IgA-GN and 100 healthy controls. A sicca syndrome (positive Schirmer-test) was found in 46% of patients with IgA-GN and 17% of non-IgA-GN and 8% of controls (p less than 0.001). Only one of the IgA-GN patients volunteered a history of xerosis of the conjunctiva, but upon questioning 17% reported a history of ophthalmological treatment for recurrent conjunctivitis. The observation adds another extrarenal facet to the syndrome of mesangial IgA-GN. Diminished tear production may be another (immune?) abnormality of the oropharyngeal system.[1]


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