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Biological context of Conjunctivitis

  • In the first girl with ligneous conjunctivitis a homozygous G-->A point mutation was identified in plasminogen exon 7 at position 780 leading to an amino acid exchange (Arg216-->His) [15].
  • METHODS: Between 1972 and 1993, 17 patients with ligneous conjunctivitis were treated with excision biopsy, meticulous hemostasis, and immediate, intensive topical treatment with heparin, steroids, and, in 12 patients, alpha-chymotrypsin until all signs of conjunctival inflammation had subsided [16].
  • Familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome (FCAS) is an autosomal dominant inflammatory disease with a high degree of penetrance that is characterized by episodes of rash, arthralgia, fever, conjunctivitis, and leukocytosis after generalized exposure to cold [17].
  • Compound 48/80-induced conjunctivitis in the mouse: kinetics, susceptibility, and mechanism [18].
  • In vivo, 1% Pred Forte significantly reduced conjunctivitis (P = .04) and subepithelial infiltrates (P = .02), but enhanced viral replication (P = .01) on days 9 to 21 and increased the duration of viral shedding (P < .001) [19].

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