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Effect of diet on vitamin deficiencies in retarded individuals receiving drugs.

A population of mentally retarded and physically disabled individuals on long-term therapy with anticonvulsant drugs had a high prevalence of folic acid and riboflavin deficiency, 20% and 17%, respectively, as they entered an institution devoted to their care. Their previous diet was probably nutritionally marginal, as it was cooked and prepared to baby food consistency, and milk was rarely given. They were fed in the recumbent position, resulting in frequent vomiting. In this institution, a carefully planned dietary regimen that was adequate in essential nutrients was fed by trained personnel. Drug therapy was continued. After a year no signs of folic acid or riboflavin deficiency were evident. We conclude that these weak vitamin antagonists may precipitate deficiencies on marginally adequate diets. A good dietary regimen prevented the appearance of these vitamin deficiencies.[1]


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