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Structural characteristics of interferons from mouse Ehrlich ascites tumor cells.

An improved procedure for the isolation of interferons produced by mouse Ehrlich ascites tumor cells infected with Newcastle disease virus provides interferons of three size classes (33,000, 26,000, and 20,000 daltons) with specific activities between 2 and 3 x 10(9) units/mg of protein and a yield of 11 to 20%. The tryptic peptide maps of the two larger species are very similar; that of the smallest species is different, at least in part. The amino acid compositions of the three species are very close. Their NH2-terminal amino acids are identical and so are the amino acids released by carboxypeptidase A treatment. These data are consistent with the possibility that the differences in size between the three species may be due, at least in part, to unequal glycosylation.[1]


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