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The degradation of proparathormone and parathormone by parathyroid and liver cathepsin B.

Purified cathepsin B from porcine parathyroid glands was allowed to act upon radioactive bovine parathormone and proparathormone at various ratios of enzyme to substrate and for different times. The reaction products were isolated by ion exchange chromatography and analyzed by gel electrophoresis, amino acid composition, sequence analysis, and bioassay. The enzyme cleaved parathormone between residues 36 and 37 yielding a major carboxyl and amino fragment and appeared to cleave proparathormone at the same locus. The amino fragments were degraded further by removal of small peptides (possibly, di- or tripeptides) from their COOH termini. In contrast there was little if any degradation of the carboxyl fragment (residues 37 to 84). Despite the ease with which the enzyme cleaved the arginyl bond in the synthetic substrate benzyloxycarbonyl-Val-Lys-Lys-Arg-(4-methoxy)-2-naphthylamide, it did not remove the near homologous NH2-terminal hexapeptide extension of proparathormone (Lys-Ser-Val-Lys-Lys-Arg-R)--a reaction that would lead to the formation of parathormone from proparathormone. Purified liver cathepsin B cleaved the hormonal substrates in a fashion identical with that of the parathyroid enzyme.[1]


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