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Effects of thioridazine (Mellaril) on ventricular electrophysiologic properties.

The effects of therapeutic and toxic doses of thioridazine (Mellaril) (10 and 50 mg/kg body weight, respectively) on ventricular electrophysiologic properties were studied in 12 anesthetized dogs. Threshold pacing currents (diastolic threshold), effective refractory period and conduction time were significantly increased, and idioventricular automaticity was suppressed after administration of 10 mg/kg of thioridazine; the effects were much more pronounced after administration of 50 mg/kg. Rapidly repetitive responses or tachycardia could be induced in the ventricle by two early premature beats in 9 of the 12 dogs after the 50 mg/kg dose, but they did not occur before durg administration or after the 10 mg/kg dose. These results indicate that the antiarrhythmic and arrhythmogenic effects of thioridazine are dose-dependent and that careful monitoring with frequent electrocardiograms is needed for patients receiving large doses of this drug.[1]


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