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Topical application of povidone-iodine in the management of decubitus and stasis ulcers.

The efficacy of topical applications of povidone-iodine (Betadine solution and ointment) for the control of infection associated with decubitus and stasis ulcers was evaluated in 18 male outpatients (age range, 33--68 years). Dressings were changed twice daily over a period of 42 days. Statistically significant improvement was noted in the following signs and symptoms: edema, pain, erythema, ulcer size, and ulcer depth. All patients experienced some degree of symptomatic relief and clinical improvement within two weeks after starting therapy. At the end of the study, 67 percent of the ulcers were clinically cured and 33 percent showed improvement. Acceptance by the patients was excellent, with no reported side effects or sensitization reactions. Povidone-iodine used in a daily regimen of ulcer care can reduce the level of infection and promote healing.[1]


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